Getting a good husband is very important. The need for a good husband is on the increase. The barrage of prayer text  I receive on this subject matter is a pointer to that fact. Maybe you are wondering how you will get a good husband to marry. Maybe your mind is even telling you that there are no godly men anywhere again. If you follow these tips I want to give you today, you will discover that God has reserved your own husband for you somewhere; and very soon, you will posses your possessions in Jesus name. I prophesy to your life very soon, the power of God will remove you from the circle of the unmarried. There are many men out there with sugar coated mouth whose aim is not to marry you but to “suck the orange and throw away the chaff.”  Wait and call upon God who can give you a man that is truly yours. God knows who you are, and what you need and He will bless you with your life –spouse.

If you are looking for a good Christian man to marry, you may not find such in hotels, public places, bars, parties, Rock and roll concerts etc. Godly men are more quiet, watchful, shy, and humble than the non Christian men. Therefore they are more difficult to spot. He has been brought up in the way of the Lord to be a good husband and father in future. He also does not look for his own wife to be at cinema houses or party halls but at Christian friends place and Christian gatherings.


  1. Pray to God concerning your future husband. In praying to God never give God a deadline e.g. Telling God I must marry this month unfailingly. What if the best God is preparing for you will breeze into the country at the end of this year to take you to USA? Don’t give God an ultimatum. Some out of ignorance may say “God give me husband this year otherwise I won’t serve you again.” If you give a God deadline, you come to a dead end.


  1. While praying, do not have an idol in your heart. A lady wanted to marry. Two men were “toasting” her so she prayed. “Oh God, two men are interested in marrying me, please chose for me. Ebuka is a handsome and tall young man. He works at Oil Company, He owns a house and cruises around in a posh jeep. Infact God, I like this Ebuka so much. He will be a good husband. God, there’s this other man John or what does he call himself.. He has   only one jeans and few faded T shirts. He has no money, he has no job. God, you know that poverty is not good. Please I don’t want poverty, I reject poverty. Please God chose for me. In Jesus name I pray Amen.”

If I need to tell you the truth, the person that prayed this prayer is having idol in her heart. Do not have idol in your heart. Allow God to choose for you.

  1. Prayer is a process. When you have prayed sincerely, Know that God is already doing something. Allow the prayers to work. Do not be in haste so that you will not land in the hand of a wife beater, smoker, drunkard, or an irresponsible man.
  2. Since all that glitters is not gold, do not be carried away by wealth or show off.
  3. As a lady that desires to get married, be presentable and neat always.
  4. Build up a good character. There was a woman admiring a young lady with a view of asking her to meet her brother who told her to search for a Godly sister he could marry. One day, this young lady, fought with a colleague in her office over a hand set, charger.  The  quarrel was so much as this young lady exhibited

the beast in her. Unknown to her, the plans and intentions to introduce her to a would be spouse was thrown away because of her character. She‘s still single. People are watching you. Do you have a good character?

  1. What name have you given yourself in the community where you live? Tigress? May be your own is fighter. Or are you often in the company of bad girls? Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.
  2.  ”Don’t be a “generous donor” because men that have seen your nakedness, if they know each other will talk at the back.  “ Ah have you tasted her too?   “ Yes O. Eh! The lady?  she “wowo”
  3. When God answers your prayer and the man approaches you, take it to God in prayer before you jump at it. God does not want you to marry someone who will not allow you to serve the Lord or someone who will make you to fall into apostasy. That is why the Lord is warning against unequal yoke. I pray your bone of bone and flesh of flesh will come in Jesus name.

These are the salient areas you need to comb very well with the broom of prayer.            You need to :-

  1. Pray to destroy curses preventing you from getting married.
  2. Pray to fight away spiritual husband that is preventing you from marrying.
  3. Pray to destroy inherited family marital problems.
  4. Pray to destroy every evil work done so that you can never marry.
  5. pray and ask God to forgive you sexual crimes of the past e.g. harlotry and abortions.
  6. Pray to so that God will have mercy on you for making your God given husband to be one of your past boyfriends you have jilted.
  7. That the beauty of the Lord will envelope you and magnetize you to your own husband.



Confession:-   Isa 34:16

Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them.”


1-7.      Take Numbers 1-7, One by one, turn them to prayers, and pray them wholeheartedly. Have faith in God as you pray.

8.         Father, I worship you, because you will be merciful upon me and give me my desired husband.

9.         Every evil agreement between me and spiritual husband, scatter by fire.

10.       I regain my freedom from any evil power preventing me from marrying, in the name of Jesus.

11.       O Lord, adorn me and prepare me for my “would be husband”, in the name of Jesus.

12.      Demons enforcing anti marriage curses, vows, dedication and judgments, be bound and cast away from me forever, in the name of Jesus.

13.       I divorce satanic invisible husbands in my life, in the name of Jesus.

14.       Evil mark of you will not marry upon my body soul and spirit, be washed away with the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

14        Holy Spirit Divine, make me to meet my divinely appointed husband and let him marry me, in the name of Jesus.

15        For this purpose is the Son of God manifest that he might destroy the works of the devil. Therefore, every work of the devil preventing me from marrying be destroyed, in the name of Jesus.

16.       I hold the blood of Jesus against satanic soul tie operating against my life, in the name of Jesus.

17        O God, introduce me to the man that will marry me , in the name of Jesus.

18.       Appreciate God for the answer that will follow.


By Pastor Immanuel Olugbenga

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